Liam M. Longo

Professor (non-tenured) Earth-Life Science Institute Keywords: protein folding, protein evolution, prebiotic protein design, amino acid alphabet evolution, ancestor sequence reconstruction Email: llongo at elsi dot jp

Iris Smokers

Phd student Radboud University Nijmegen Keywords: Coacervate protocells, phosphorylation Email: iris dot smokers at ru dot nl

Teresa Mccarrell

Phd student University of Minnesota Keywords: hot springs, cyanobacteria, thermophiles, oxygenic photosynthesis Email: mcca1048 at umn dot edu

Peng A

Phd student McGill university Keywords: phase separation, membraneless organelle Email: peng dot a at mail dot mcgill dot ca

Ellie Hara

Phd student University of Colorado Boulder Keywords: mineral-facilitated organic chemistry reactions, organometallic ligand chemistry, serpentinizing systems, spectroscopy (Raman, IR) Email: ellie.hara at colorado dot edu

Annaliese Mayer

Phd student Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Keywords: metal-microbe interactions, metallome, co-evolution, planetary protection, oceanography Email: acsmeyer at mit dot edu

Tymofii Sokolskyi

Phd student University of Wisconsin-Madison Keywords: Compartmentalization, Vesicle stability, Chemical ecosystems, Prebiotic soups Email: sokolskyi at wisc dot edu

Bruno Ćurjurić

Non-permanent position Geophysics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb Keywords: Planet Formation, Habitability, Tidal Locking, Star-Planet interactions Email: bcurjuric at gmail dot com

Carla Bautista

Phd student Université Laval Keywords: Experimental evolution, Hybridization, UV radiation, DNA damage, Yeast Email: c dot bautistarourjc at gmail dot com

Shota Nishikawa

Phd student Earth-life science institute, Tokyo institute of technology Keywords: Directed evolution, Origins of translation, Ribosome evolution, RNA-peptide convolution, Cell-free system Email: shotanishikawa at elsi dot jp


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