Avinash Vicholous Dass

Postdoc Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Keywords: Organic chemistry, biophysics, chemical evolution, artificial cells, Self-assembly Email: yavinash dot dass at physik dot uni-muenchen dot de

Moran Frenkel-Pinter

Professor non-tenured Hebrew University of Jerusalem Keywords: chemical evolution, origins of life, prebiotic chemistry, peptide evolution Email: moran dot fp at mail dot huji dot ac dot il (photo credit Ariel van Straten)

Yoshiya Matsubara

Postdoc National Centre for Biological Sciences, India Keywords: self-replication; nonequilibrium; polymerization; dynamical systems; emergence Email: yoshiyam at ncbs dot res dot in

Rishir Kalepu

Masters student Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Keywords: Primordial Proteins, Self-replication, Peptide self-assembly Email: rishir dot kalepu at gmail dot com

Dominique Beaini

Phd student Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal Canada Keywords: fractal, information theory Email: Dominique dot beaini at outlook dot com

Alex Plum

Phd student UC San Diego, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, USA Keywords: Autocatalytic Cycles, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Ecosystem ecology, Origin of Life, Spatial Structure, Multi-level Selection Email: aplum at ucsd dot edu

Tugce Beyazay

Phd student Max Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung, Germany Keywords: heterogeneous catalysis, carbon dioxide fixation, materials science Email: beyazay at kofo dot mpg dot de

Oliver Maguire

Postdoc Radbound University, Netherlands Keywords: Systems Chemistry, Phosphorylation, Chemical Reaction Networks, Out-of-Equilibrium Email: o dot r dot maguire at gmail dot com

Joaquin Perez-Grande

Undergraduate Student The University of Manchester, United Kingdom Keywords: Assembly Theory, Biosignatures, RNA-World, Complexity Email: joaquin dot perezgrande at student dot manchester dot ac dot uk

Orr Rose Bezaly

PhD Student LUniversity of Amsterdam and Utrecht University, Netherlands Keywords: prebiotic chemistry, polymerisation, amino acids, selectivity, wet-dry cycles Email: o dot r dot bezaly at uva dot nl


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