Oliver Maguire

Postdoc Radbound University, Netherlands Keywords: Systems Chemistry, Phosphorylation, Chemical Reaction Networks, Out-of-Equilibrium Email: o dot r dot maguire at gmail dot com

Joaquin Perez-Grande

Undergraduate Student The University of Manchester, United Kingdom Keywords: Assembly Theory, Biosignatures, RNA-World, Complexity Email: joaquin dot perezgrande at student dot manchester dot ac dot uk

Orr Rose Bezaly

PhD Student LUniversity of Amsterdam and Utrecht University, Netherlands Keywords: prebiotic chemistry, polymerisation, amino acids, selectivity, wet-dry cycles Email: o dot r dot bezaly at uva dot nl

Valentin Moulay

PhD Student LATMOS, Paris, France Keywords: In situ analysis, Prebiotic chemistry, ocean worlds, GCMS, Analog samples Email: valentin dot moulay at latmos dot ipsl dot fr

Iskinder Arasno

Postdoc University of Akron, USA Keywords: montmorillonite clay, primitive nucleotides, primitive membranes Email: arsano at uakron dot edu

Elle Chimiak

Postdoc University of Colorado Boulder, USA Keywords: Site-Specific Isotope Ratio Measurements, Prebiotic Chemistry, Stable Isotope Geochemistry Email: elle dot chimiak at gmail dot com

Annemiek Waajen

PhD Student University of Edinburgh, UK Keywords: anaerobic microbiology, meteorites, early Earth, extreme microbiology, space microbiology Email: annemiek dot waajen at ed dot ac dot uk

Jonathan Stimmer

PhD Student Tokyo University, Japan Keywords: amino acids, peptides, impact-induced synthesis, Hadean, Noachian Email: stimmer dot jonathan dot adam dot t1 at dc dot tohoku dot ac dot jp

Sean McMahon

Professor (non-tenured) University of Edinburgh, UK Keywords: Precambrian palaeontology, chemical gardens, biosignatures, life on Mars Email: sean dot mcmahon at ed dot ac dot uk

Eran Agmon

Postdoc Stanford University, USA Keywords: computational systems biology, E. coli, whole-cell models Email: agmon dot eran at gmail dot com


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